Let’s Talk About Hair


Meet Valerie, Valerie McIntyre. She’s my new friend, and she has a problem. She’s Black, African-American. But that’s not her problem.

Her problem is a lack of hair options. You see, Second Life is a lot like real life in this respect: most fashions are designed for the American White Woman beautiful ideal. And therein lies the rub.

With very few exceptions, it’s hard to find African skins without shelling out large amounts of $Lindens.

And the same thing applies to hair. Val was able to find 3 hairstyles that suit her ancestry. They all came from Alli&Ali on the SL Marketplace, and they each cost $L1.




You see the problem? If she were a white woman, she’d have literally thousands of styles she could pick.

Even styles that can be custom-colored are still aimed at that pesky white demographic:


So What’s a Girl to Do?

Well, as usual, my favorite hair resource, both in-world and on the Marketplace, is Alli&Ali Designs. With very few exceptions, that’s where both Valerie and I get all of our hair.

I’ve just been approved to blog about Alli&Ali Designs on their official blog, and I’ll be starting this weekend. Once I’ve started, I’ll post the blog address here, so you can get the lowdown on the latest style.

Until then, this is Aisling (and Val) signing off, and wishing you, as I always do,

Aisling's Signature" Love, Aisling

Author: Aisling O'Connor

Another wanderer and explorer in Second Life.

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