Drafts, Continued

Yesterday I told you about Drafts, a new note-taking app for MacOS and iOS. Today I’m going to talk some more about its capabilities and limitations.

I mentioned how convoluted it was to get something posted in Drafts into a blog post. But the app has something called Actions, which is essentially a way for you to program new things for the program to do. So I’m hoping that I’ll be able to figure out how to export from Drafts directly into Open Live Writer, where I create all of my blog entries.

Or better yet, since I haven’t done any programming since the mid-1980s, I’m going to see if someone has already created an action or something similar to it. I’ll do this by logging into the Drafts Community Forum and poking around there.


Yesterday, I discovered tags and workspaces. Much like Categories and Tags in WordPress, tags are a way to categorize your writings by subject. Workspaces allows you to create virtual folders which can be used to file your writings by tags. That makes it easier to find a particular document.


Here, I’ve gathered all of the drafts with the tag lgbt into one workplace/folder. If I want to see all of my notes, I just have to click on the Show all tab at the bottom of the screen.

And that’s it for Drafts

It’s a simple enough app, but it’s also quite powerful, and it’s going to take me more time to figure it all out.

Until then,

Aisling's Signature" Love, Aisling

Author: Aisling O'Connor

Another wanderer and explorer in Second Life.

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