Too Hot to Handle!

No, sillies, not ME! The TEMPERATURE!


We just beat our old record (set in 1906) by 2°—and it might even reach 100° later this week. So whatever is a girl supposed to do?

A lot of people have gone to local creeks and rivers to cool off, but that doesn’t suit me. As W. C. Fields once said of water, “I never touch the stuff. Fish f*ck in it.” And last night, I even had to shut down my computer because it was overheating.

Today I’ve moved my work downstairs, right outside the office/den—where the air conditioner has made things more bearable. I even skipped my morning cup of tea: who wants to drink hot anything on a day like this? Meanwhile—W. C. Fields notwithstanding—I’ve got a  bottle of water chilling in the freezer. For me, the biggest danger in this heat is dehydration, so I’m drinking much more than usual.

I took a shower, but now I’m just as wet with sweat as I was before the shower. I know: TMI!

The City of Rochester is keeping several public buildings open so people can seek shelter from the heat in the air conditioned office spaces, but I have no way of getting to any of them.

So I’m just going to alternate between writing and sitting in front of our air conditioner until the heat breaks.

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Author: Aisling O'Connor

Another wanderer and explorer in Second Life.

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