A New Style From Allie and Ali

Jared is the latest offering from the Allie & Ali Mainstore.

And while it’s presented as a man’s style, I’m quite taken with it myself, as you can see below:

Jared 01

This product is the A&A Jared Hair Variety Colors V2, boxed, and it’s available for $250. Its permissions are: COPY, MOD, NO TRANS.

Jared 02

Jared 03

What else can I say? I like it!



What’s An Alt?

An Alt is shorthand for alternate account. Some people here in SL have more than one account: they have their main avatar, but they also have one or more alternate avatars.

Sometimes this is because they are suffering real-life multiple personality disorder, and sometimes it’s because they’ve been in SL for a long time and want to experience it from a different character’s point of view.

Usually the main character and the Alt have nothing in common and don’t interact with each other. But in some cases, the opposite is true: the Main and the Alt might be friends or even partners.

Another reason to create an Alt is if your account gets hacked, in which case it’s a good idea to delete the account and start afresh with an entirely new account.

Some people state in their profile that they are an Alt; sometimes they don’t. But if they do, unless they specifically ask for it, don’t pester them with questions about their Main character. If they wanted you to know, they would already have you as a friend.

So that’s the word on Alts. They’re really no big deal.


The Problem With Your Original SL Profile Picture

Is exactly that: It’s your original profile picture. Huh? WHAT?  Let me explain.

This was my original profile picture:

Aisling 01

And here we have my current picture:

Aisling now

See the difference? New hair, new skin, new lipstick, different eyes. If I didn’t know better, I’d say they’re both different people—and yet they’re both ME!

Look, I know we all like profile pictures. After all, we all want attention. But as you change, evolve, make sure your profile picture is current.

My New Computer Is A Chromebook

Specifically, an HP Chromebook


Maybe yours should be, too.

My old Windows laptop is 5 years old, and in the Windows world, that’s ancient. What was once a blazingly-fast machine has slowed to the point that from a cold start, it takes 4 minutes 50 seconds before I can do anything on it.

So while I’m waiting for my MacBook Air next pandemic check, I decided I needed something to bridge the gap. So like any good consumer (I’ve been in the PC dodge since 1980, and worked for several tech companies you’d recognize), I did my research.

Right from the start I ruled out Windows computers and tablets. I was already familiar with that operating system’s drawbacks. The Mac OS was also out of the question: too expensive. But I’m not ruling it out in the future.

That left the Android OS.

And since I wanted a full computer (as opposed to a tablet), that meant a Chromebook.

I set a budget at less than $300 and, armed with my new knowledge, set off to my local Best Buy.*

I saw what was on offer and, based on my budget, opted for a HP Chromebook. It, as  well as a cordless mouse (I never could get the hang of trackpads) and a carrying bag, ended up costing me $425.

Why The Android OS Anyway?

Because it already had most of the software I wanted right out of the box. You need to understand that when Google created the Android OS in the first place, they were trying to break into the education marketplace. And with apps like Google Docs, they already had a reasonably-priced word processor.

Did I say, “reasonably-priced”? Try FREE! 

In fact, the OS came with most of Google’s free apps, like Google Calc, Google Photos, and GMail.

And battery life? I opened my Chromebook at 4:20 pm today and the battery monitor said I still had 10 hours before I’d need to charge it.

All in all, the Chromebook, whatever the brand, is a great bargain.

(*-DISCLAIMER: I get nothing in return for mentioning Best Buy. They just happen to be the only game in my town.)

They’re Everywhere! Everywhere!

Christmas lights, that is. Well, okay, probably not in Mecca, but still.

Hair Lights

A&A Hair Lights Attachments-pic
A&A Hair Lights Attachments

New / upgraded in the Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore. On the Action wall for only 90 L$ , with group title active, 50% back.

Why should your tree be the center of attention? Hey! It’s your party; own it, girlfriends!

Hairlights 1
Hairlights 1
Hairlights 2
Hairlights 2
Hairlights 3
Hairlights 3

And remember: It is our ability to accessorize which separates us from the lower animals!