Merfolk (Mermaids and Mermen)

Or, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Being a Mermaid or Merman Before You Even Knew You Wanted to Know It

Remember when I told you that in SL, you can be anything you want to be? Ever imagine living a life under the sea? Be honest—wasn’t that every little girl’s dream? Well, now you can become one for only $10 Lindens. Or, if you prefer, absolutely free.

Safe Waters Foundation

Head on over to the Safe Waters Foundation Headquarters (SWF). When you get there, turn around to see this:


The arrows won’t be there; I added them for clarity. The shorter one points to the SWF group joiner. There is no cost to join.

The longer arrow points to the door you need to pass through to get to the goodies:


Again, I added the arrows for clarity. They point to the Pearl, which you have to touch to receive the free outfit.

Unfortunately, if you’re using a mesh avatar like mine, it’s not that easy. All of these options are designed for classic (non-mesh) avatars (avis). And because mesh avis are complex and expensive, it follows that mesh accessories for mesh avis are also expensive.

Fear Not!

mer 1

The item shown above can be found on the SL Marketplace for only $L1! It comes with a standard body that you can use to replace your mesh body, so everything will work peachy-keen!


This is my friend Jenny in that very same outfit.

Safe Waters Foundation Redux

You can find out more about the Safe Waters Foundation at its website, which also contains an events calendar as well as a long list of mer-related sites in Second Life.

Or you can check out their Digital Mermaids blog on Blogspot. The blog also has minutes of the most recent weekly meeting.

Now if you will excuse me, I have an octopus’s garden to explore!

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Tsarina: My Latest Favorite Style

I’ve got a bone to pick with Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore. It seems that every time I decide on a new favorite hairstyle, they come out with yet another new design that then becomes my new favorite style!

Tsarina is a perfect example of this phenomenon. In real life, my hair hangs about 6 inches below my shoulders; in SL, I prefer short styles. Nothing below my shoulders, but still feminine. Tsarina fulfills those requirements with 4 different styles.

The complete set sells for $L1500, but Tsarina Cool Light Brown is on sale this week for only $L50.



Tsarina: my new favorite style from Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore. And don’t forget to check out these areas as well:

Further Thoughts on Avatar Appearance

Sometimes it’s not what you do but what you don’t do that can make a big difference in how you look to other people.

Avatar Complexity

Take, for instance, your avatar complexity. This is a figure that’s determined by what you’re wearing: shape, skin, hair, clothes, attachments, etc. In short, everything that makes up who you are. This is a bare-bones description; for further details, see the SL Wiki page covering the subject.

Let’s put it this way: the more complex your avatar, the longer it will take for other folks to see you. You will always appear as your self on your own screen, but it will take you longer to appear properly to others on their screens.

You can’t go wrong by keeping your complexity value as low as possible.


This is one of by biggest pet peeves. I admit it: I hate them. The idea behind a facelights is to highlight your facial features in dim ambient (natural) lighting, which sounds like a Clever Idea©, but is really a Bad Thing©.

In the first place, many sim designers put a lot of thought and effort in creating a particular atmosphere for their location. So why would you think that your appearance should override their design decisions? Because that’s exactly what your facelight is doing. By showing up with a glowing face, you’re destroying the ambience for everyone there.

Besides, unless you’re hosting a haunted house around Halloween, do you walk around in real life with a light shining in your face?

‘Nuff said.

HUDS, Collars, & Miscellaneous Items

Most of my own hairstyles come with a HUD (heads-up display) to control the color, size, brightness, etc. But once I’ve made my choice, I detach the HUD. This is true for just about every other attachment I wear. HUDs often have a heavy script weight, and adversely affect your complexity.

The same goes with other wearable objects. Again, for more details, see the Wiki page.


While scripts don’t affect your complexity, they can contribute to how many resources you consume in any given sim. That’s why a lot of sims or parcels have billboards that display how many scripts you’re wearing. The higher the number, the more resources you’re consuming, which results on everything operating more slowly for everyone around you.

Simply put, keep your scripts to a minimum. It reduces lag. The rest of us will appreciate it, and you’ll be less likely to be ejected by the sim owner.


If I see you in a sim and your avatar complexity renders you as a solid color, you can be sure that I will Block and Derender you. If you’re going to be that unthinking or uncaring about other people, I want to have nothing to do with you.

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Tredanya, a New Style for the Modern Woman

Tredanya is Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore’s example of a style that I’d call an unbalanced bob. Bob, because it’s just that. Unbalanced, because one side is shorter than the other.


But whatever you want to call it, it’s an elegant look best worn with a nice dress. I like to wear it with my favorite red mini.




See? From this side, it’s a regular bob cut. But from the other side:


But no matter what you call it, it’s an elegant, trendy look for any woman who’s dressing for a night of a dinner followed by dancing followed by who knows what?

It’s available at the Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore for $L1500, and that includes all the colors shown above, as well as the resize-recolor HUD.

As a reminder, here a couple more places where you can find Alli&Ali products:

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It’s Not Always About Hair!


I do other things in SL besides review hair styles. I also own a house which I share with a few friends. But because of SL’s property restrictions, the only way they were able to set their home locations to the house, I had to create a group and invite them all to it. Finally, I had to set the property’s group attribute to the group I had just created.

Creating a group costs $L100, and once you’ve created it, you have 48 hours to add new members. It’s crucial that you add at least one new member in that 48 hours, or else SL will delete the group and you’ll be out the $L100. Once you’ve done that, you can invite as many members as you like, whenever you like. You can also assign roles (with varying permissions) to the members; the default role is Everyone, which basically means they’re a member of the group, with no special privileges. As the group owner, you can change their abilities. You can also create new roles and assign them varying permissions.

For more details on groups, check out the Groups Overview page.


When it comes to owning land, upgrading to a premium account is your best move. Not only do you get a free, customizable house, you also get an additional allowance of 512 square meters. This additional allowance, however, only entitles you to purchase the acreage at the going market rate. Previously, you had to pay an extra monthly fee in order to purchase the extra land.

Instead of 512 square meters, premium membership allows you a total of 1024 square meters. However, you’re not required to use the extra acreage; it’s there if you want to use it.

And Yes, Hair!

Rumbera 1

Okay, so it’s mostly about hair. While I haven’t received this week’s official notice, I can tell you that the newest selection from the Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore is Rumbera, and you can pick up your free copy at the front desk of the store. Since it’s free, it only comes in one color—fire red. But whoever complains about free goodies, right?

Besides, you know me well enough to know how much I love red!

Until next time,

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Viennara: A Classic Up-do

Let’s get one thing straight: I’m not a big fan of up-dos. I’m more of a jeans-and-t-shirt kinda girl, and my favorite hairstyles reflect that fact.

But I know that many of my readers are more traditionally feminine than I am, and even I find myself from time to time needing a more elegant appearance. Nothing says elegance quite like a formal up-do, and nothing says up-do quite like Viennara.

viennara all colors


Viennara is this week’s selection from Alli&Ali Designs. As you can see, it comes in a myriad of colors, all of them chosen and resized (if necessary) by way of the enclosed HUD..

$1500L the complete set, but if you hurry in to the Mainstore, you can grab a free sample in dark brown.

Viennara 1


Viennara 2

Viennara 3

A Word on Formal Styles

Fashion tastes and styles vary as much as reasons we have for being in Second Life. Alli&Ali Designs offers more than just hairstyles: scripts, gadgets, organizers, accessories, men’s fashions, shoes, lingerie, and so much more.

You really owe it to yourself to visit Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore to see all of their fine products!

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Building The Perfect Beast, Redux

After my previous post about inventory management, I decided it was time to invest a little effort into customizing Jenny. But I decided to do it all with freebies, just to show you how you can customize your look without spending a single penny (or Linden) while doing it.

By the way, have you noticed the latest change to this site? It has a new address: This change has resulted in one more change: no more advertising! I figured I owe that much to you, my readers. The internet has far too much advertising as it is, and I’m just doing my best to reduce the distractions.

So adjust your bookmarks accordingly!

We now return you to your regular post, already in progress.

There are Freebies, and Then There are FREEBIES!

Just as in real life (RL), free things in Second Life (SL) are often worth what you pay for them. Fortunately, there are many vendors of high-quality products who offer their goods for free. This is good advertising for them: by giving you a sample of their product, they hope to get your future business if you decide to obtain more of their product. This makes perfect sense, if you think about it.

At the same time, these designers also know that now everyone in SL has money to spend, and the more considerate of them offer their goods and services for free.

But not all free goods and services (freebies) are quality. Often, they’re the result of someone’s first building project that they’ve decided to share.  And many of them come packaged with a lot of junk,  too.

So how do you tell the “good” merchants from the “bad?”

One way is to look on the SL Marketplace. Because merchants pay for their products to be listed, you can be pretty sure that they won’t be offering junk. I do a lot of my shopping there—even for freebies—and I’ve rarely been disappointed.

Another way is to visit one of the many newcomer-friendly locations in SL, such as New Resident Island. Jenny did, and that’s where she found her new shapes, skins, clothing, and manicured nails.

Jenny 4

A unique look, comprised of freebies!

Next, we’ll look at Animation Over-riders.

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