Viennara: A Classic Up-do

Let’s get one thing straight: I’m not a big fan of up-dos. I’m more of a jeans-and-t-shirt kinda girl, and my favorite hairstyles reflect that fact.

But I know that many of my readers are more traditionally feminine than I am, and even I find myself from time to time needing a more elegant appearance. Nothing says elegance quite like a formal up-do, and nothing says up-do quite like Viennara.

viennara all colors


Viennara is this week’s selection from Alli&Ali Designs. As you can see, it comes in a myriad of colors, all of them chosen and resized (if necessary) by way of the enclosed HUD..

$1500L the complete set, but if you hurry in to the Mainstore, you can grab a free sample in dark brown.

Viennara 1


Viennara 2

Viennara 3

A Word on Formal Styles

Fashion tastes and styles vary as much as reasons we have for being in Second Life. Alli&Ali Designs offers more than just hairstyles: scripts, gadgets, organizers, accessories, men’s fashions, shoes, lingerie, and so much more.

You really owe it to yourself to visit Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore to see all of their fine products!

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Welcome, Rebekka!

Today’s review is of Alli&Ali’s new Rebekka All Colors collection of designs and colors.

Rebekka All Colors

This is an elegant style, perfect for those nights on the town with your significant other, BFF, or any other dress-up occasion. And as you can see, it comes in just about any color imaginable. Naturally, I’m going with red.

Rebekka 1

I’m also back to the grey curtain background, but I’m working on something better. After all, a girl just isn’t a girl with a stovepipe coming out of her head!

Rebekka 2

Rebekka 3

Much like Alli&Ali’s Love Hair, this is a large purchase, and it costs $1500L. But given the variety of colors, it may well be the last formal hair style you’ll need.

Find it at Alli&Ali’s Mainstore, in the Updo area.

Now what did I do with that invitation to the ball?

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Katniss is Another New Style

My latest style discovery from Alli&Ali is Katniss. It’s another braided style, but it’s a little more formal than Jodie. I like to wear it when I’m dressed for an evening on the town with my beau.

Katniss 1

As you can see, it has a slight erotic dishabille touch to it. And while I’m wearing one of the many red shades, it comes in a wide variety of colors:

A&A Katniss Hair All Colors-pic

Katniss is available in all of the colors shown, and each color has its own HUD so you can select the exact shade you want! The set sells for $250L, which as of this writing, is about USD $1.00—a very reasonable price for the set.

Here are a couple more views of this style:

Katniss 2

Katniss 3

Coming up next:

Finding the exact skin shade to match your Maitreya Lara avatar.

Until then,

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My New Favorite Hair!

From time to time I’ll be writing about new hair styles from Alli&Ali, my favorite hair vendor. I like their designs for several reasons:

  • They’re realistic
  • Most styles are low-prim
  • They can be resized too fit your avatar perfectly
  • Their prices are extremely reasonable. In fact, you can find a lot of them on the Second Life Marketplace for $1L (one Linden).

This week, I’m wearing A&A Jodie Hair Red Colors. It’s a pig-tail style, and it suits my personality:

Jodie 1

Jodie 2

Don’t like this particular shade? No worries! It comes with a HUD (heads-up display) that allows you to pick the shade you like:

Jodie HUD

Once you’ve resized the hair (if necessary) and selected your color, you can delete the scripts. WARNING: as with all styles from Alli&Ali, be sure to make a backup copy before customizing your hair!

Another nice feature of Alli&Ali is that many styles come with a hair-fitting alpha:


This is not included for all styles, because most can be resized to fit your head exactly.
It helps to cover head parts poking through the hair.
This may be useful if you use a rigged mesh hair.
If there is no alpha included and you still want one, come visit the mainstore and get one from the box on the info desk.

DISCLAIMER: As an approved Alli&Ali blogger, I received the entire Jodie range of colors to review for this blog.