I Like Long Hair…Most of The Time

But it can be hard to work with, which is probably why braids were invented in the first place: to keep our hair long, yet up and out of the way.

Which is why I like Leeanne, the latest offering from Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore. It’s short-looking, but the braid indicates that when it’s down, it’s much longer. It’s a perfect style for your office, whether you’re a clerk or CEO, receptionist or doctor.



As is usual, the complete set sells for $L1500, with each of the 8 color subsets going for $L250.

But you can pick up a single color—Cream Blonde—for just $L50 at the front of the store, or Flame for free, in the voting area.

Leeanne—perfect for work or play. Now available at Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore.