Mendy: A Curly Delight!

OK, I confess: sometimes a girl just wants to feel all, well, girly. Dresses and high heels are all well and good, but your hair can make or break the feeling. Heck, even a pair of worn jeans can be offset by the femininity of the right hair style.

Mendy: Curls Upon Curls

That’s where Mendy, the latest offer from the Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore comes in. It fairly screams, “I’M A GIRL!”

Mendy front

It’s perfect with my sheer lace top, and never mind that I’m wearing a ratty old pair of jeans—I still feel ultra-feminine.

A&A Mendy Hair All Colors-pic

The complete set sells for $L1500, and comes with all the colors you see here. And note the low display weight!

On a budget? Then try just the Red Set, which sells for $L250 and comes with the entire range of red shades:

Mendy Hair Reds

And here’s two more of me wearing my own selection:

Mendy left

Mendy right

Check out Mendy, now at Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore!

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