Welcome, Rebekka!

Today’s review is of Alli&Ali’s new Rebekka All Colors collection of designs and colors.

Rebekka All Colors

This is an elegant style, perfect for those nights on the town with your significant other, BFF, or any other dress-up occasion. And as you can see, it comes in just about any color imaginable. Naturally, I’m going with red.

Rebekka 1

I’m also back to the grey curtain background, but I’m working on something better. After all, a girl just isn’t a girl with a stovepipe coming out of her head!

Rebekka 2

Rebekka 3

Much like Alli&Ali’s Love Hair, this is a large purchase, and it costs $1500L. But given the variety of colors, it may well be the last formal hair style you’ll need.

Find it at Alli&Ali’s Mainstore, in the Updo area.

Now what did I do with that invitation to the ball?

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