This Time it IS About Hair

I gave you a taste in my previous post, and here’s the complete low-down on Rumbera, the latest offer from Alli&Ali Design’s Mainstore. Rumbera, as with all of their recent releases, incorporates a few design tricks that drastically reduce the display weight of the style.

And just what is the display weight? Every item you add to your avatar affects how much memory someone’s system requires to display you completely. For example, I have a few older hairstyles from other vendors that carry a design weight of over 100,000. That, in turn, means I’m carrying around a lot of prims. And it is that large number of prims—or the design weight—that may take other people’s displays a long time to fully render me. That’s the brief, non-technical explanation.

Alli&Alli Design’s new approach reduces the design weight of their new styles. Specifically, Rumbera has a design weight of just 2276, which means your avatar will render much more quickly.

A&A Rumbera Hair All Colors-pic

Rumbera sells for $L1500 for the full set as shown above. But for a limited time, you can get a free copy at the front desk of the Alli&Ali Design’s Mainstore. It’s only available in Fire Red, as shown below:

Rumbera 1


Rumbera 2


Rumbera 3

As I said, the free edition only comes in Fire Red, but you know me: I’m a ginger, so it suits me just fine.

Rumbera: new technology means lower display weights. Only at Alli&Ali Design’s Mainstore!

It’s Not Always About Hair!


I do other things in SL besides review hair styles. I also own a house which I share with a few friends. But because of SL’s property restrictions, the only way they were able to set their home locations to the house, I had to create a group and invite them all to it. Finally, I had to set the property’s group attribute to the group I had just created.

Creating a group costs $L100, and once you’ve created it, you have 48 hours to add new members. It’s crucial that you add at least one new member in that 48 hours, or else SL will delete the group and you’ll be out the $L100. Once you’ve done that, you can invite as many members as you like, whenever you like. You can also assign roles (with varying permissions) to the members; the default role is Everyone, which basically means they’re a member of the group, with no special privileges. As the group owner, you can change their abilities. You can also create new roles and assign them varying permissions.

For more details on groups, check out the Groups Overview page.


When it comes to owning land, upgrading to a premium account is your best move. Not only do you get a free, customizable house, you also get an additional allowance of 512 square meters. This additional allowance, however, only entitles you to purchase the acreage at the going market rate. Previously, you had to pay an extra monthly fee in order to purchase the extra land.

Instead of 512 square meters, premium membership allows you a total of 1024 square meters. However, you’re not required to use the extra acreage; it’s there if you want to use it.

And Yes, Hair!

Rumbera 1

Okay, so it’s mostly about hair. While I haven’t received this week’s official notice, I can tell you that the newest selection from the Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore is Rumbera, and you can pick up your free copy at the front desk of the store. Since it’s free, it only comes in one color—fire red. But whoever complains about free goodies, right?

Besides, you know me well enough to know how much I love red!

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