The September Update Box is Here!

The newest sale is on right now at Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore, and here’s what’s included:



Most are $L9, but a few of the larger collections go for $L499.

If you’re tired of excessive display weights, here’s your chance to lighten the load of your hair.

Get them now, at Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore.

Adara: Elegant and Formal


This variety selection includes several varieties and shades. Normally, a collection of this size would cost you $L1500, but it’s on sale at Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore for only $L250!







And here it is in actual use:




Adara: as I said, elegant and formal. On sale now at Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore.

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Well, THIS is a First!

I don’t always review multiple hairstyles in a single entry. In fact, looking back through my archives (yes, I keep all of my blog posts—doesn’t everyone?), I realize that I’ve never done so. So yeah, this is a first.

I’m referring to Alli&Ali’s Colorful Spring Hair Sale.

spring sale 1

There’s not enough room to write an individual review of each style—that would make for a long, boring post. But suffice it to say that there are 24 individual styles and colors, and as always, each on comes with its own color-changing and resizing HUD.

Each style is only $99 Linden, so they’re priced for a quick sale.

spring sale 2

So TP on over to Alli&Ali’s Hair Design and shop ‘til you drop!

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