Unicorns, Dragons, and Furries. Oh, My!

Since one of the basic premises of Second Life is that you can be anyone or anything you want, many players opt to become animals. This can range from the innocent to the extreme:


This is me as a bunneh made alive. She’s a free avatar you can get at Caledon Oxbridge Gateway – New Resident Help. Caledon has several free avatars, and they include both humans and furries.

That’s an example of the innocent. For the extreme, how does this suit you?

Nosferatu Female Complete Avatar
Nosferatu Female Vampire

Fantasy avatars run the gamut from the simple to the complex, and from free to very expensive. For the ultimate experience, try SL Bloodlines, an immersive experience within SL itself.

Locations and Groups

As with any other interest in SL, there are groups and sims devoted to SciFi, Fantasy, and fantastic creatures. Some search topics include Fantasy, Elves, Faeries, and Browncoats. Just follow your imagination!

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